Tuesday, March 21, 2006


hello guys!!

What a great idea Justin!! Is always nice to keep in touch with HH people when we are so far away. Thanks!!

I just came back from a long trip to Singapore on business. Was great time, business trip but always time for some tourism. Hope i came back some other time. SJ, you are very lucky to be singaporean!!!

I also have some pictures, but i still dont know how to post them. Computers and myself never were great friends. So as soon as i have them ready i will email you.

Take a lot of care people!!

Un abrazo y un besazo.


Edu Castillo said...

Sorry about commenting my own post, but is just to say that this really works!!

Amazing, init??

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Hey Edu! Great to hear from you! Sounds like you are having a good time with your work. Good luck posting the pictures - there is an icon/button when you are composing a post, click on it and you can upload the picture directly into blogger.

hasta luego :)

lourdes said...

holaaaaaaaaa eduardito!how are u???I ve trying to find out how to post the pictures to post one of your great visit to Alicante but I couldnt find it so far:)
do u know?


Anonymous said...

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