Sunday, October 15, 2006


oh finally i 've managed to post on this blog! People! how are you?I’m fine but busy: I’m working for an internship in an Italian tv station, and some days it’ s great , others it is totally boring!

I’m really looking for my Christmas holidays, since I will be spending some days in NYC. I’ve always dreamt to go there and at Christmas time it should be magic( and freezing, right Justin?). Moreover could you imagine how shocking it will be for someone who lives in a 3000souls village to go there?

I’m spending my time doing usual things, going out, cinema, very few dancing nights (i'm not trained for yia mass anymore!) missing lessons at uni, wondering when and why going to Belfast in January and so on. PEOPLEE!! YES I agree with Justin 's idea to catch up so I really want to organize a meeting somewhere!. Maybe one weekend in Bristol when I'll be living in Belfast it’s not a problem as well as in some other city around… so let's go to Bristol together! by now lots of love to everybody!fede!

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Buddhist_philosopher said...

Heya fede!!

Wonderful to see that you made it onto the blog! Yes, NYC will be super cold at Christmas. Probably zero to 10 below zero celcius, but it could get to 20 below or maybe even colder. And yes, it will probably be shocking to see soooooo many people in so small an area (I haven't been around NYC myself, but we've all seen it in movies, right?).

And yes - a Bristol reunion is a must... :) With any luck I (and Ana!!) will be in London in a year's time, making it easy enough for us to get there. We'll all have to coordinate how/when/where we'll get together as we can.