Wednesday, June 28, 2006

hello everyone!

Hi again from the US. I've heard from some of you through email and others from word of mouth, but more, hopefully, will say hello here.

PICTURES/PHOTOS/FOTOS!! to put up a picture, there is an icon for you to click on when you are writing here:
Then it opens up a new window:
and you have to find your photos on your computer or if you have them online already (on flickr perhaps, like me) you can link directly to them.

So put up your photos!! And here are some of mine:

You might recognize the beautiful woman with me, Ana from Spain! She has been the most exciting part of my life lately. She visited in the end of March and early April and we drove from Montana to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, through Oregon and back to Montana in seven days! In August I will go to Spain to see her and we will probably travel about as much, but I think Spain is too small to go that far.

I'll be here in Montana for another year (maybe two!) to finish my MA in Philosophy. This year I've been awarded full funding to teach English writing to the incoming 1st-year students. I also might get a job as the University's Buddhism instructor, since the current one is taking a two-year leave, which would make me soooooooooo happy. For now I'm working at the Center for Ethics here at the Uni and I enjoy that very much. I'm not teaching yet, but I am learning a lot about teaching and very much look forward to this autumn when I will teach. I think my travels and studies in Bristol have made a lot of this possible (including meeting Ana and all of you at Hodgkin House!), so I'm very grateful that I could do that, and glad I did. This summer I'll get some pictures of Montana and Spain and put them up next chance I get. Hopefully everyone else can put up pictures now too!

I should send out special thanks to all my Italian friends for their football team letting America tie with them, and especially to the Italian player who scored the goal for the US! And congratulations to the French for beating Spain, my other favorite team because of Ana.

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